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Our Team

We spent the entirety of 2015 finding the best manufacturers for our brand. This included sampling with manufacturers all over Australia until we found the team best suited for us. Our manufacturers also produce some of Australia's finest designer women's labels and their attention to detail is of the highest quality.

As we manufacture in Australia, using organic, high quality materials, our products show true retail cost. This includes the cost of growing and farming the fibres organically. Includes the cost of knitting the fabric and cutting and sewing the range under Ethical Certification requirements. This ensures that everyone within the production of each and every product we make is paid Australian Industry rates and work in Fair Trade conditions.

Over the course of our productions we have built strong personal relationships with every person involved with each step of making the range. Whether we are racing across Brunswick to get our cotton range to the embroidery offices or picking up buttons to take to our knitwear factory we are always welcomed with a smile, a "how is your day " and take time to catch-up where we left off last time.

Our manufacture partners have become our friends and together we work towards creating beautiful, timeless garments for your children and theirs.