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Organic Cotton

Our 100% Organic Cotton is sourced from India, where it has Control Union Certification for organic growing. It is then shipped to Melbourne, Australia, where it is knit into the softest double jersey. 
Organic cotton is a soft, clean and safe choice for your children. It is chemical free, pure and made for sensitive skin. As a natural fibre, it is soft and resilient. It also allows your babies skin to breathe naturally.
It is also a responsible choice for the future of our planet and your children. Choosing Organic Cotton has a Global effect, and supports an International industry, which in turn, creates a happier, cleaner and safer environment for our next generation to grow up into.
Conventional Cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world, and in some factories it is common practice to use a variety of harsh chemicals (including formaldehyde) when finishing garments.
Our Organic Cotton is 100% certified and our Melbourne Manufacturers have Ethical Clothing Certification ensuring transparent manufacturing practices and the highest quality workmanship.