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What is a Bamboodie anyway !!!!!

Bamboodie's give sun protection for the beach & the park, coverage in Autumn and Spring and a great piece to layer in winter. Bamboodie's are versatile, protective, eco and have a very practical, simple design.

What is a Bamboodie ? ……Bamboodie is a long sleeved, hooded top / tunic (it has an extra long body for coverage ) Its made from bamboo and is light and silky soft.

Bamboodie's are naturally Anti-Bacterial & Hypo-Allergenic, UV Reflective and have superior breathability. This makes the top, cool in Summer and warm in Winter. So not only is it great for the beach (dries super quick), but in winter is a great first layer to keep a constant temperature.

Bamboo is natures most sustainable resource & is naturally regenerative.

We started making bamboodies a few years ago, as we were trying to think of a lightweight, loose fit alternative to a rashie at the beach for bubs. Babies love bamboodies, as the fabric is so light and breathes really well (so no overheating).

Fast forward to 2014 and we have introduced Bamboodie's for women and children (and bubs too) in a range of fantastic colours.

We have 'Grace Jonesed' the hood for women, to give a bigger drape and given the women's shape, more of an A-Line…much more flattering. Its still straight up and down for the kids, so that boys don't think its a dress!


Bamboodies are a great newborn or Mothers Day gift and are perfect for that next holiday in the sun for the whole family. Roll them up in your hand luggage and hit the beach creaseless straight from the airport !!

Bamboodies are also great for popping out to get a coffee…which reminds me ;)