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Melbourne Finders Keepers

Warm weather has washed over us at the years Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne. Its Grand Final weekend and the market is buzzing !!! We had our first night of the market last night and the crowd came in their droves. The line from the front of the Royal Exhibition Building went waaayyyy past the Museum, but that didn't dampen anyones mood.   This year Ive seen a lot of amazing new designers and products. Always at the forefront of design, Finders Keepers is the place to go, if you want to see what people will be wearing and decorating their houses with next season and the following. A piece of graffiti that I saw in the ladies summed up the...

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Babyology is the Bomb!

If you've not come across the best babyproduct blog around , Babyology , your in for a treat…if you have, you know where Im coming from.Babyology gives you daily information on unique and fabulous children’s products from around the globe. They also provide a place for you to discuss kids’ gear with other parents and help you choose and compare major products.eco peko was recently featured on this fantastic site, and here's what they had to say :)Babyology Feature on Eco PekoWe love Babyology and we are sure you will too :)))

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What is a Bamboodie anyway !!!!!

Bamboodie's give sun protection for the beach & the park, coverage in Autumn and Spring and a great piece to layer in winter. Bamboodie's are versatile, protective, eco and have a very practical, simple design. What is a Bamboodie ? ……Bamboodie is a long sleeved, hooded top / tunic (it has an extra long body for coverage ) Its made from bamboo and is light and silky soft. Bamboodie's are naturally Anti-Bacterial & Hypo-Allergenic, UV Reflective and have superior breathability. This makes the top, cool in Summer and warm in Winter. So not only is it great for the beach (dries super quick), but in winter is a great first layer to keep a constant temperature. Bamboo is natures most...

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Soup Kids Love !!!

  Cooking for kids can be a chore, especially when after slaving away, they don't like…so it was to my surprise when I whipped up this very easy soup, from stuff I had in the cupboard and fridge…and they liked it !!!! And Here It Is…..   Easy Peasy Cauliflower and Cabbage Soup Fry 1 chopped up onion and about 5 pieces of chopped up bacon. Then add half a finely sliced cabbage and half a chopped up cauliflower..fry for a couple of mins, then add 1 and 1/2 litres of Chicken Stock, season and simmer for 20 mins. Then serve with a dollop of natural yogurt and a wave of paprika ….yum!!!!        

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In the Pink !!!!

  Pink keeps popping up all over the place… Super duper flattering Soft Pink was a standard in Spring and is now being teamed with Black, Tan or other pastels for Autumn. Treat this complexion flattering colour as a neutral and substitute it for other pale winter colours. Layered with white it is fresh, light and feminine.…or pop on a black leather jean, or suede biker jacket for an edgier look.   Our Pink Sand Boyfriend Tee, T-Shirt Dress and Tank Dress are soft, breathe well and layer perfectly for this seasons look.   Find the pretty colour in our kids and bubs ranges too.

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